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30 Years In The Making

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What were you doing in 1988?   

It was quite an eventul year in that decade called the 80's.  For me, it was the year I legally became an adult. At that time I was still a student struggling to figure out what to do with my life. I barely graduated from high school the year before. Most of my friends had planned at least a year or more in advance what they would be doing for their post-secondary studies and where.  I tried attending a popular music program at Vanier College, but that lasted only 3 months!  I had spent the past 4 years playing in an after-school pop band with some friend of mine.  We mostly played cover songs that were popular at the time.  We did a few concerts at school and in our neighborhood.  For the latter part of my high school years I was playing with a jazz band with a group that was put together by Denny Christiansen.  We played venues at the Ottawa and Montreal International Jazz Festivals, which was one of the coolest experiences of my life!

Back then, I had some fun gear to play around with. 

1. Korg Poly 61-M

korg poly61m

2. Roland Juno 106

Roland Juno 106


3. Yamaha DX7

yamaha dx7


4. Ensoniq EPS

ensoniq eps


5. Linn Drum



6. Roland V-Synth

v synth

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